Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Food/Fitness tip of the day :)

Haven't done one of these in a while!
I have two tips today. one's about food and one's about metabolism so listen up! And this is 100% true because I'm speaking from personal experience. If it's too much text, just read the bolded stuff.

I used to eat oatmeal and coffee in the morning. That's like 150 calories. That was my day for the most part. maybe I'd have some fish at night or soup midday, but my caloric intake was around 500 max. Obviously my metabolism slowed down. A LOT.
I started going to the gym 5 or 6 days a week, doing mostly weight lifting and 2 days of HIIT. I started eating every 2-3 hours (protein and healthy fats, some carbs in the morning).
I got my BMR tested yesterday and I'm at 93 lbs and 5'5''.
* My metabolism is very high for my height/weight. My body burns 1700 calories every day just to keep me alive. If I exercise, I can eat 1900 calories that day and still maintain my weight.* 
Therefore, exercise and meal frequency greatly increase metabolism! (note, I'm also mostly muscle at 11% body fat. building muscle also helps with increasing metabolism. My BMR used to be around 1350 only about a month ago. Hard work pays off.)

Lets say you're having a pretty good day food-wise. But then, for whatever reason, you eat something that makes you feel guilty, or that you don't think you should have. Do not let this trigger a binge. Take a deep breath. Everyone messes up, we all occasionally slip and eat something that makes us feel crappy.
You may have heard this before, but seriously think of it this way: you're driving and you get a flat tire. Would it make much sense to get out and slash your remaining good tires? No! Try to keep calm and eat healthily for the rest of the day, and most importantly, forgive yourself. Don't punish yourself; if you do, you're more likely to binge again. Tell yourself tomorrow will be better and you'll eat right and feel great! Unless you ate an entire cheesecake, the bad thing you ate will likely have no lasting effect on your weight or body at all. Your body is very resilient, it will take care of itself. (:


  1. That's all great advice; I love the tire analogy! I have a question...I've been eating around 500 calories and burning about 700-1000 calories through exercise every day. I know that my metabolism has slowed down because I'm not seeing any results whatsoever. I want to speed up my metabolism but I'm terrified that if I start eating a lot more that I'll put a ton of weight on. How quickly do you think I should increase my caloric intake?

    Thanks <3

  2. thanks for the tips zasha, i will keep them in mind. thats awesome how high your metablism is. you have a great bod

  3. Woohoo! This is amazing. And thanks for that binging metaphor!
    All my support,
    <3 A Fragile Heart

  4. Grate advice!! question? do I start a high protine intake??..should I start with protine bars or something?..please help...oh and love your bod!

    1. Thanks! I don't really do bars because they tend to have a lot of sugar in them. You could always try whey protein powder like Dymatize ISO-100, it comes in 4 or 5 flavours (I like choc. and vanilla) and it's 100 calories for 24/25 grams of pure protein. It mixes well with water, milk, frozen yogurt and in smoothies. You can also cook with it (like putting some in pancake mix for a hint of cocoa flavor and a lot of protein!) hard-boiled eggs and egg whites are another good option, and then there's always lean meats like chicken and tuna (or any fish). (:

  5. Oh my goodness, thank so much for answering my question. I'm definitely going to start increasing my intake. You're so knowledgable! Again, thank you very much. I hope you have a great day :)

    <3 Dainty

    1. No problem! Glad I could help you out :) <3

  6. This is what I get so confused about. When my weight/height was at an equivalent place as you are in this post, my body fat was 3%. Add 20 pounds and body fat was 11%, and add 10 more pounds, it was 18%. I wonder if my body shut down at that low weight because my body fat % was too low?? It seems unfair you can be at such a low weight, but your body handles it much better than mine!