Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break Fitspo :)

Spring break couldn't have come sooner. I'm in Colorado right now snowboarding! The next 3 days after today I'll be shredding the mountain (or at least trying not to fall on my ass) as well as working out in the fitness room. Yeah, I'm gonna be really sore this week.

Whenever I fly on a plane I always retain water. I had a major panic episode yesterday because my legs and tummy were SO swollen. It made me really upset because I looked awful and it was really triggering because I thought I must have gained a billion pounds within a few hours.. I woke up this morning looking almost normal again though so hopefully by tomorrow I'll be acclimated and free of water retention/bloating.

I'm about to head down to the hot tub to soak since my feet are a little sore already. I also put on a really light tanning lotion yesterday and it looks pretty nice. I actually look skin colour instead of ghostly now haha. Still a little bloated but its going down..

I always wonder how people ski/snowboard in bathing suits. I mean, some days are warmer but its still cold and hurts like hell if you fall on ice wearing only a bikini. I'll admit it looks badass though. So, snowboarding bikini fitspo, because it's a mix between the beach and the mountains. But mostly the mountains. (:


  1. oh my gosh. i love the fitspo. i LOVE snowboarding. love love love it. ive always wanted to snowboard in my bikini too. so jealous of you. have fun in colorado girl!!!!!!!!! xoxo

    and btw you dont look bloated to me one bit. i wonder why you do that? is that common to bloat on planes?

  2. I'm in Colorado too! The weather has been awesome this week. I went snowboarding three days ago and I'm still sore haha. Have fun :)

    <3 Dainty

  3. Have fun, sounds like snowboarding's a great workout. By the way you don't look bloated at all, you look fit and way more tanned than I am.

  4. I have an unrelated question. Do you lovely slender ladies get a lot of crap form fat girls?