Thursday, March 8, 2012

Progress pics update (:

So i've started working with a personal trainer and it's the best thing I've ever done. He's really motivating and awesome and he said he's impressed with my dedication. He said he thinks I'll be really successful as a fitness model which gives me so much motivation. He put together a diet plan and stays with me as a guide through every work out. He really knows what he's doing! if anyone reading this has ever considered hiring a personal trainer, I say definitely go for it!

Anyway, onto the progress. I got a new bikini last night since summer's only a few months away. I hope this summer I can wear it without being self conscious! :)

Excuse my messy hair I just got back from the gym about an hour ago and didn't brush it yet lol


  1. oh my gosh you look amazing! super jealous and kinda nervous since im so much shorter than you and was thinking 90lbs was a good gw but now im thinking low 80s at least! what kinds of ab work outs do you suggest?

    1. Thanks so much! :)
      I've actually gained weight since i started this blog. I'm 5 or 6 lbs heavier in these pics than in my befores. You don't have to be in the low 80s to get the look you want to achieve, I'm sure you'd look great at any weight though. (:

      As for ab exercises, to have a strong core you need a strong back as well.
      Heres some things I do for abs:
      -incline crunches
      -regular crunches
      -V-ups (start out sitting up instead of laying on your back)
      -Roman chairs (need equipment for this one)
      -oblique raises
      -leg raises
      -bicycle crunches

      Of course, don't do all of these at once. do a couple of them every time you do core work outs. Also, one thing that really helps more than you'd think is sitting and standing with proper posture. it really strengthens the abs and back.

  2. oh my gosh why in the world would you be self concious? you have an amazing body! ur skinny yet ripped. i want to look just like you

  3. amazing!! You've definitely gained some nice definition, congrats!

  4. You look amazing! I'm insanely jealous(:

  5. Awe thank you all so much!

    WeWillChange- No need to be jealous though, through hard work we can achieve anything. :)

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous! I wish my body looked as thin and fit as yours. Thank you for the motivation. :)