Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Inspirations / Day 5 & 6 of my Fitness plan

I thought I should share with you all my major fitness inspirations. They are Andrea Pasutti (above) and Carissa Monroe (below). Andrea majorly inspires me because she achieved exactly what I want to achieve. She went from being very underweight, 80 pounds, to a healthy, gorgeous and lean 107 pounds and she doesn't even look an ounce heavier. In fact, she actually lost inches around her waist from building muscle. Carissa Monroe also went from skinny to getting fit. She almost died after an SUV smashed her against a steel fence. She managed to get back on her feet and in the gym just months after having both of her legs completely shattered. They're both so beautiful and amazingly inspiring to me.

As for my exercise, yesterday was day 5 but I didn't get a chance to go to the gym. I did calisthenics and some resistance/toning exercises on my bum and abs. Leg lifts, lunges, squats, leg kicks, back kicks, side planks and oblique raises! My lower half was so sore afterwards! Today was day 6 and I didn't get to go to the gym again, so I decided to use it as a rest day. I'll do 4 days of cardio next week to make up for my not going to the gym. But that's okay because I love cardio and HIIT. (:

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